2014 NBA Mock Draft 5.0

 NamePositionGroup and TierComments
1. BucksAndrew WigginsSG/SFFranchise TwoHe is still there. You can bet that, especially with the sale of the Franchise, the Bucks will select whoever they feel has the most upside, regardless of their current roster.
2. SixersJabari ParkerSFMax OneI really like the combination of Parker, Noel, and MCW. It seems to me like their skills and abilities fit well with one another. If the Sixers trade Young before the draft, Julius Randle is a real possibility too. Not many teams are able to combine two young, athletic big men that compliment each other as well as Randle and Noel do.
3. MagicDante ExumPG/SGFranchise ThreeI am not sure if I would select Exum without a lot of personal workouts, and it seems like Exum might only give workouts to his select teams (Lakers), but the athleticism is undeniable. I still think he is probably more of a shooting guard, but the Magic could run a two combo guard lineup like the Suns do.
4. JazzJulius RandlePFMax OneTough pick. They just spent a lot of money on a young, athletic center. In any other draft, they probably should go with Embiid, but with a player like Randle available, there is another option. I know they still like Kanter, but Randle could come in right away and perform better than Kanter has.
5. CelticsJoel EmbiidCFranchise ThreeThe Celtics will take any of the top five that are left, but this would be one of the best scenarios possible. Embiid could be a Parrish-esque staple in the middle for the next decade. Suddenly, the Celtics would be a team that free agents want to come to. Players could play for Brad Stevens, with Rondo (who has championship experience) getting them good shots, and Embiid helping them look good defensively.
6. LakersZach LaVinePG/SGFranchise ThreeLaVine probably won't go this high, but his athleticism and outside shooting make him one of the most interesting players in the draft. Few players would fit as well in D'Antoni's fast-paced, three point shooting system.
7. KingsAaron GordonSF/PFMax TwoAaron Gordon's defense and intangibles would be a really nice fit next to DeMarcus Cousins.
8. PistonsKyle AndersonPG/SFStarter OneKyle Anderson has a knack for finding big man for easy points. The Pistons need to clear house, but will try to build around Andre Drummond. Anderson might not be the perfect player, but he could excel as a player whose only job is to make Drummond look good.
9. CavsMarcus SmartPG/SGStarter TwoSmart's defense and intensity would provide a much-needed lift to the Cavs. He is strong where Irving is weak, and Irving is strong where Smart is weak. Seems like a natural fit.
10. SixersGary HarrisSGStarter TwoThe Sixers have been playing NBDL players at shooting guard all season. Harris might a solid starter one day as a 3 and D player. Harris' outside shooting would also compliment MCW well.
11. NuggetsDario SaricSF/PFStarter TwoIf Brian Shaw plans on implementing the triangle system, Saric is a perfect fit. He and Gallinari could run the two forward positions and create matchup nightmares for opposing coaches.
12. MagicNoah VonlehPF Starter TwoIf the Magic select a guard with their first pick, then the probably go big with the next selection. Vonleh is raw, but his size and athleticism should allow him to play minutes right away. I also love the fact that Vonleh and Vucevic can both shoot outside, which should open the court up for Oladipo and Exum.
13. WolvesAaron HarrisonSGStarter TwoAs of right now, the Harrison twins are still deciding on the draft. I think Aaron is a better prospect because he has learned the role of an off-guard spot-up shooter and defender.
14. SunsClint CapellaPFStarter ThreeCapella is very raw, but the Suns can afford to use one of their three first round picks on a raw prospect.
15. HawksJerami GrantSF/PFStarter ThreeI like Grant's potential, but I think a team will really have to fall in love with him in order for him to develop into an NBA player. He needs an outside shot desperately. The Hawks' big men can all shoot outside, which helps to cover Grant as he develops.
16. BullsAndrien PaynePFRole OneThis might be my favorite fit in the draft. With Boozer gone and the possibility of Melo coming, the Bulls will need another big body with developed talents. Payne can space the floor with his shooting and compete with anyone athletically.
17. SunsDoug McDermottSF/PFRole OneImagine Dougie's shooting in a fast-paced system with Bledsoe and Dragic.
18. CelticsJames YoungSGStarter ThreeYoung would be a steal for the Celtics at 18. His outside shooting, size, and athleticism would be well-used by Stevens on the Wing.
19. BullsPJ HairstonSGStarter ThreeHairston has a real chance to be a starting NBA guard who can score with anyone. He is the type of player who can put up 15 on you in a quarter. If Thibs will have him, I like his fit next to D-Rose.
20. RaptorsVasilje MicicPGRole OneThere is probably no way that the Raptors lose Lowry, but Micic would be insurance. His ability to pass would fit well in the Raptors ball-movement system.
21. GrizzlesRodney HoodSF Role OneI like Hood's outside shooting and size next to Gasol and Randolph.
22. ThunderCleanthony EarlySFRole OneEarly might not fill a perfect need, but he brings experience, outside shooting, athleticism, and a little bit of 'screw you' to his game.
23. JazzTyler EnnisPGRole TwoThe Jazz have their point guard of the future, but Ennis could serve as a nice backup.
24. BobcatsTJ WarrenSFRole TwoWarren's natural scoring ability fits well in the Bobcats' sometimes anemic offense.
25. RocketsNick StauskasSGRole TwoStauskas' shooting fits well next to Harden, Parsons, and Howard.
26. HeatElfrid PaytonPGRole TwoI am not sure if Payton is an NBA player, but he has the size and athleticism. A player like Payton has the freedom to develop and learn from some of the best.
27. SunsKJ McDanielsSGRole TwoMcDaniels is the epitome of a 3 and D prospect. His athleticism and defensive skills give him great potential as a stopper.
28. ClippersAndrew HarrisonPG/SGRole TwoHarrison may pull out of the draft, but if he didn't, there might not be a better situation for him to develop than with Doc Rivers and Chris Paul.
29. ThunderShabazz NapierPGRole TwoWith Jackson possibly leaving for free agency, the Thunder can draft Napier to be their scoring point guard off the bench.
30. SpursGlen Robinson IIISFRole TwoNobody is better at getting the most out of a player's raw abilities than Coach Pop. Robinson III needs seasoning, but the raw potential is there for him to be a starter.



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